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Welcome to the SAO world!


Special Thanks to The-Sky-Is-Up for the GIFs
Sup. I'm writing a Sword Art Online fusion fic of the Fire Emblem series. Uh, it's replacing the Aincrad arc and their's still perma-death. There is magic but it's pretty minimal. Also everyone is going to act like an actual MMO player and be a strategist.

Maps are now the equivalent to dungeons.

5 maps not counting the secret maps that are unlocked if players fufill requirements is one floor.

Every five floors are a saga.

At the start of every saga, everyone's class and Lord player status is randomized.

Kirito: For the first saga, Kirito is going to be a Lord player based off of the Myrmidon class like Lyn. When he promotes, he gets access to bows. In the next saga, he'll either be a Priest, a Knight or a Dragon Knight depending on how dickish I am. I'm making him more like his Abridged counterpart as I like him more because he acts an actual MMO player would.

Asuna: Pegasus Knight. Though I might make her a original class that's basically a FE 8!Valkyrie on pegasi. In the next saga, I'm going to make her a fast and accurate Shaman Lord. Basically the exact opposite of Micaiah.

Klein: Mercenary. And he's with Leafa as a double subversion of the Rena and Julian archetype. Also Leafa and Klein are going to be an item because incest makes my skin crawl. And this is coming from the guy whose favorite game ever that has a plot twist involving the bad guys having a plot that involves incest that makes a child vessel who becomes Dragon God Satan. I actually might make him a Lord player in the third saga along with Leafa.

Leafa: Is a Theif. She still has feelings for Kirito until she realizes that he's her IRL cousin which causes her to be ashamed and distances herself from Kirito and hangs out with Klein and his group of friends (whom I am using the OC-Stand in trope on ruthlessly). Oh and she got a Nerve Gear for the sole fact that there was going to be a Fire Emblem VRMMO. She's actually a big Fire Emblem fan in-universe who started with the later entries like Awakening and Fates/if who later played and loved the older games.

Lisbeth: A Knight. I was going to have her be an Est like character but then Silica happened. I think I'm going to have her be one of Kirito's IRL classmates who figures out who he is thanks to, you know, actually going to school with him. I think I'm going to have Asuna interact with her instead of Kirito because I don't want Lisbeth having to be rescued by big, strong and 'manly' Kirito, especially considering her arc is going to come after Sachi's.

Silica: Mage. I actually don't know what to do what to do with her other then the planned romance with Sinon. I was actually going to replace Kirito with Sinon in her arc but I wanted to know what you guys think about that.

Sinon: Archer, duh. I was actually going to have her become Kirito's friend and play the all the sexual tension tropes for laughs and drama.
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CaptainMockingjay42 Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I just found SAO 2 on Netflix, and now I'm on the second episode! I'm so glad I found it :D
Choi-sempai Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I have SAO adoptable available! I don't know if they're allowed in the group so I'm announcing them here!
XenonYor Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Greetings fellow SAO fans. I have started two different SAO forums if you are interested.

1) SAO: Settling the score between fans and haters.…

2) SAO: Fans Only: What is SAO's best pairing, in your opinion.…

I need help especially with the first one, since the only ones who seem to comment on it are haters.

Thank you for your time.
SporeRedland Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2015  Student Writer
Hello there!
Might any of you be interested in playing a tabletop roleplaying game set inside a video game?
Let me know if that idea piques your interest.  :)
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